Our Services


M&E Consultancy

We offer comprehensive design of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) building services system as Mechanical & Electrical Consultant for factory, warehouse, airport, condominium, holiday resort, hotel, worker dormitory, hospital, clinic, fire station, recreation club, office building, religious building, semiconductor wafer fab, institution, cold store (adapted oxygen reduction method), data room, and chemical treatment.


Fire Safety Engineer (FSE)

In our role as Fire Engineer Consultant, we can provide performance base solution as an alternative to prescriptive-based solution.

With this added advantage, we can offer options to Client to select on either prescriptive or performance-based solution for compliance to authority’s requirements.


Greenmark Consultancy

As the concern on environmental impact and utilisation of resources efficiency grows, we as a Green Mark Consultant, can help achieve high energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental protection, indoor Environment Protection and other green features.


Design for Safety (DfSP)

We provide Design for Safety service for our client.


Project Management

We provide Project Management service for your projects.

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