As the concern on environmental impact and the utilisation of resources efficiency grows, we as a Green Mark Consultant, can help Client to achieve high energy efficiency, water efficiency, enviromental protection, Indoor Enviroment Protection and other green features.

Several approaches are used, such as

  • Modelling cooling load profile of a building so the appropriate equipment can be used.
  • Substituting conventional electrical energy with photovoltaic cells, and to meet aesthetic criteria, the choice of building integrated photovoltaic cell is also available.
  • Reducing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime, we introduce the use of sun pipes to make use natural light.
  • Energy consumption can be tracked via BMS system to give better monitoring for overall energy usage, and to track which part of the building that has discrepancies in energy usage.
  • Finally, energy efficiency index can be computed as a measure of energy usage per unit area of the building to show the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Chiller optimization